More Evidence on the Evidence: An Historical Overview of Capital Market Theory  

June 27, 2015

This 1,400-word piece complements the recently released "Evidence on the Evidence" piece, which explored how to differentiate academic evidence from less substantive work. This follow-up offers a timeline of the most important academic findings, from MPT to the Three-Factor Model and into the future. It highlights the role you play as an adviser, helping your clients incorporate meaningful evidence into their ongoing investment discipline. Use this pair of pieces to inform clients or prospects about the benefits of evidence-based investing.

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The Evidence on the Evidence: How Do You Know What (and Whom) to Heed?  

June 10, 2015

This 1,000-word piece explores key differences between robust, peer-reviewed academic evidence and the less substantive information that tends to grab the bigger headlines. It also describes how you, as an evidence-based adviser, help your clients become better investors by understanding why the difference matters. Use the series to inform clients or prospects about the importance of evidence-based investing. This piece pairs well with the complementary article, "More Evidence on the Evidence," which offers an historical overview of landmark studies from MPT to the Three-Factor Model and beyond.

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