What Is Liquidity?  

May 14, 2019

This 768-word article is part of our ongoing "What Is ...?" series. It defines liquidity, offers some approachable examples of how it works, and considers it within the context of an overall investment portfolio. Share this piece with clients or prospects as an article, post, or video script, or for similar purposes.

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Money Management Lingo  

March 27, 2019

This 860-word document provides a beginner's guide intro to some of the most common terminology advisors tend to use when introducing prospective and new clients to money management services. For example, it differentiates assets, funds, accounts and custodians -- explaining which roles each play. (Note: Non-U.S. advisors might want to swap out some of the examples with illustrations of their own -- such as referencing your country's tax-advantaged accounts rather than U.S.-based IRAs.)

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Intro for “Reflections on Real Estate Investing” Report  

July 19, 2016

For advisers who are receiving timely queries about the current (July 2016) sell-off of U.K. Open Ended Property funds, this 200-word cover letter can be used to share the separate "Reflections on Real Estate Investing" report. The report can be used along with this intro, or it can serve as a general, stand-alone piece on real estate investing.

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Reflections on Real Estate Investing Report  

July 19, 2016

This 1,300 word report offers a timeless overview of the guiding principles for investing in real estate as part of an effective, globally diversified portfolio. Share the report with clients or prospects to explain how real estate investing may fit into their portfolio (in the form of low-cost, evidence-based REIT funds), and to offer caveats on how to manage the risks involved. [Note: A separate, intro cover letter also is available for advisers who may be receiving queries about the current (July 2016) sell-off of UK Open Ended Property funds.]

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