The ABCs of behavioral biases (UPDATED 04-2024)  

April 22, 2024

UPDATED FROM SEPT. 2019: This collection of materials includes: (1) a 6,000-word white paper, (2) the same materials broken into a seven-part drip series and (3) a PowerPoint presentation on "The ABCs of Behavioral Biases." From anchoring to FOMO, from hindsight to tracking-error regret, this series covers the most common financial behavioral biases that lead investors astray.

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Bringing order to your investment universe: White paper  

February 20, 2024

This white paper walks readers through how to transition from a chaotic collection of assets and accounts into a well-structured investment portfolio. It explores how to strike an effective balance between minimizing the taxable impact of a desired transition while successfully moving toward a more orderly investment portfolio, and it encourages investors to hire an experienced financial planner to assist them. Each part in this three-part piece is also available in stand-alone format for use as a drip series.

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Evidence-based investment insight series: White paper (UPDATED 01-2024)  

January 16, 2024

UPDATED FROM 2019: This 26-page white paper compiles the entire Evidence-Based Investment Insights series into a single document you can use to design your own company white paper. Share the paper as a printed handout or in PDF/booklet form with clients and prospects. Use it as a giveaway to collect emails on your website or for other similar purposes. A set of individual installments for "dripping" the series and a shorter report version are available for separate download in January 2024.

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Back to the Investment Basics: White Paper  

October 14, 2022

This nine-page white paper combines our recently published, multipart Investment Basics series into a complete piece covering five investment essentials: how important it is to save (so you have money to invest); how to invest efficiently in broad markets; why to avoid chasing or fleeing rising or falling prices, being patient, and investing according to your personal financial goals.

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Our Take On Direct Indexing (UPDATED)  

July 30, 2022

UPDATED FROM DECEMBER 2021: With the elimination of trading costs and the ability to purchase partial shares, more providers have been offering direct indexing to smaller accounts for relatively modest fees. But just because investors can engage in direct indexing, should they? It depends on the circumstances. This three-part report defines direct indexing, reviews its downsides, and describes its potential useful applications.

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An Evidence-Based Approach to ESG Investing: White Paper (UPDATED)  

December 21, 2020

UPDATED FROM JUNE-JULY 2017: This 2,300-word piece combines our UPDATED two-part ESG investing series into a single white paper, providing an informational overview of ESG investing in the context of evidence-based investment strategies. Use this paper (or the parts, in installments) to respond to client and prospect questions about ESG investing.

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Finding Your Fiduciary Financial Advisor (UPDATED)  

August 18, 2020

UPDATED FROM FEB. 2015: This six-page, three-part special report helps investors choose a fiduciary advisor, UPDATED for recent changes under Reg BI. Part 1 describes the broad financial environment and the importance of the fiduciary relationship. Part 2 covers additional qualities to seek, and Part 3 offers tips on how to review an advisor's credentials. Pairs well with the separate, July 2020 Library piece, “What Is Fiduciary Investment Advice?”

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Understanding the Donor-Advised Fund (DAF)  

February 25, 2018

Use this 1,300-word white paper to describe to prospects and clients why they may want to consider a DAF for charitable giving under the new 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). The paper describes how tax-wise charitable giving has changed, where a DAF might fit in, how they work, and how to differentiate among them. The paper also emphasizes the value of working with a wealth advisor to assist in selection and set-up. This piece also pairs well with the April 2018 piece offering an overview of tax-wise giving under the TCJA.

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